Fannie Mae Financing Solutions

Seniors Housing

SunTrust is a Fannie Mae designated Seniors Housing lender across the nation who can offer clients a wide variety of innovative financing solutions for existing, stabilized purpose-built seniors housing properties.

Multifamily Affordable Housing

Our dedicated Affordable Housing team works with clients to find the right fit within the range of Fannie Mae DUS® mortgage loan options available. Designed for affordable housing property acquisition or refinancing, DUS Mortgages generally offer more attractive terms and expedited processing than conventional loans. Flexible loan terms, fixed or variable rate non-recourse options can be designed and bridge financing arranged to meet seasoning requirements.

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Small Multifamily Loans

Fannie Mae’s small-loan platform allows SunTrust to offer our clients a streamlined underwriting process for financing small multifamily, manufactured housing and cooperative properties. Loans terms include options for long-term fixed- or variable-rate financing and flexible amortization for amounts up to $5 million in selected markets and up to $3 million in all other eligible markets.

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Student Housing

Underwritten through the Fannie Mae Multifamily platform, SunTrust offers customized financing solutions and flexible terms for existing stabilized properties that specifically cater to a student tenant base.

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Manufactured Housing

We are a Fannie Mae DUS® designated Manufactured Housing Community (MHC) lender. Clients have the choice of financing one or more properties using fixed or adjustable-rate terms, interest-only or amortizing payments and balloon or fully amortizing loans with a wide range of terms and prepayment options. 

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Credit Facility

SunTrust offers borrowers a flexible Credit Facility secured by a pool of cross-collateralized and cross-defaulted multifamily mortgages. We customize this line of credit to meet your needs, giving you the option to finance with a fixed rate, a variable rate or a combination to draw on the Facility once or multiple times, and to release assets as needed.

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Multifamily Conventional Market-Rate Housing

SunTrust is a Fannie Mae Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS®) lender, which allows us to offer your company a wide variety of innovative solutions. Standard Fannie Mae Mortgage programs are tailored for acquisition or refinancing of conventional market-rate apartment properties. Loan terms are either fixed-rate, ARM, balloon or fully amortizing with a wide range of terms and prepayment options. As a DUS lender, SunTrust is authorized by Fannie Mae to underwrite, close and deliver loans. This helps ensure our clients receive efficient processing service from start to finish.

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