A Formula For Efficiency In Domestic Manufacturing: Q&A With Darius Mir

I spoke with Made In America Seating CEO Darius Mir about the company's new, state-of-the-art operations in Union City, Tennessee. Mir provided insight into the ups and downs of domestic manufacturing and discussed his formula for maintaining competitiveness with imported products while operating on U.S. soil.

Bridget Bergin (BB): I’d love to hear about your new operations in Union City. What made you choose that location?

Darius Mir (DM): We operate three factories, including our main office and distribution center out of Hawthorne, California. About 12 years ago, we started our own factory in China to manufacture some of the components we use in our chair manufacturing. We have been running that operation quite successfully, but we decided that Chinese manufacturing is not going to be the future for us.

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Source: Publication: Manufacturing.net